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Golf is a type of sport which aims at perfection. The tolerance of faults is low. So golfers select their equipment carefully and let themselves be guided rather by their own requirements and experience than by imaginative marketing messages. Every iron, every wood, every putter is marketed as a high-tech tool that requires to be chosen with appropriate care.

It is all the stranger that, obviously, this principle is not valid for the choice of a suitable umbrella. In this respect, even experienced golfers are taken in by the promises of an industry that is mainly imaginative in creating new promotion slogans and let themselves be talked into believing that double canopy golf umbrellas are the best.

Having purchased such an umbrella, the first experiences are always disappointing: Not only is it heavy and uncomfortable, but also not even really water-proof since the wind presses the water between the layers of fabric to the inside where it subsequently starts dripping.

But also for other reasons, this product idea, which is so often bought, fails the users' actual requirements completely: Various tests in the wind tunnels of car manufacturers like Ford and Porsche have actually shown that a golf umbrella - of whatever type - cannot be held with one hand at wind speeds of more than 35 km/h.

As a result, it does not make any sense at all to produce double canopy umbrellas from such massive and heavy material only to resist wind speeds up to 100 km/h. Which golfer would still be on the green in such a storm and open his umbrella on top? Rather absurd an idea. Nobody would take a safe with them going shopping while a good purse would do the job just as well.

There are many - and better - alternatives. Umbrellas with one-piece canopies which are not only lightweight and handy but also exceptionally well manufactured. Umbrellas which are absolutely water-proof in any situation. Umbrellas made of highly flexible, light, and ultra robust fibreglass material which are more than strong enough to withstand even heavy wind gusts effortlessly. Umbrellas designed in a way that they can never turn inside out completely and always retake their original form automatically. Umbrellas offering considerably more conveniences than any double canopy umbrella no matter how good it may be. Umbrellas providing the best functionality possible and useful at the current state of the art. Umbrellas for golfers who select their equipment according to their own individual requirements.

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